Adults Sleep Tonic

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Oral Drops for a long Sleep, All Night 

Potency Mid Strength (12x) 

Making it beneficial for acute and chronic situations.

Sleepezi Adults Sleep Tonic is formulated using a proprietary blend of natural homeopathic ingredients chosen specifically for their traditional ability to reduce stress and help to support natural sleeping patterns, with no drowsy after effects.

We pride ourselves on making products that really work. That's why in a recent market comparison our Adults Sleep Tonic was seen as 5X Stronger than the Leading Competitors

(Competitors Herbal Dose was– 0.005mg = 5mg per 5 drops ( Approximately 20 drops per ml) Equaling 20mgs per ml, Whereas Sleepezi Adults Sleep Tonic is 100mgs per ml.) 

Directions: Take 8 drops under the tongue an hour before bed, following with another 2 drops upon retiring. If waking during the night takes up to 5 additional doses to support sleep. For best results combine with Adults Sleep Mist to help relax you naturally.

Because a good night sleep helps you:

  • Restore your body and mind

  • Support your immune system

  • Deal with daily stresses

  • Promote muscle repair

  • Provide the mental, emotional, and physical energy, and the focus and alertness you need to get through your day.

  • Best of all its free from phthalates, synthetic colors, and fragrance, Parabens, GMO, petrolatum.


Passion Flower, Chamomile, Valerian, Hops, Kumarahou, Mag Phos, Caffea, Ignatia, Bellis