We use 100% Pure and Natural Homeopathic Ingredients

You hear us saying that, but exactly what ingredients do we use? Here we break down the ingredients and how they help to support sleep.


Passion Flower

Considered to have sedative, hypnotic and antispasmodic activity

Passion Flower is considered useful in nervousness and muscular tension, twitching and high level of agitation. When combined with Chamomile it is great for people that are restless, irritable and unable to sleep.



Relaxant antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and carminative

Chamomile is considered specific for nervous irritability. Good for insomnia nervous tension and tension headaches and hyperactivity. Combines well with Passion Flower for restlessness.



Carminative, antispasmodic and relaxant

Valerian is used for nervous tension particularly when combined with Chamomile and Passion Flower. It combines well with Kumarahou and Chamomile.



Specific for Insomnia

Hops is for neuralgia and excitability. Considered a tonic to the central nervous system.



A classic bitter Tonic

Kumarahou is known for having a positive influence on the whole body. Supports healthy digestion, elimination and promotion of normal metabolism. Sleepezi is the only product known to use this world class, native New Zealand extract.


Mag Phos

Mag Phos helps the body metabolize magnesium well.



Caffea is for hyperactive, agitated, stressed and sympathetic states.



Ignatia is for those that can’t sleep due to irritability, stress, grief, worry or sadness.



Bellis is for those that wake at 3am and can’t get back to sleep.



Carminative, antispasmodic and relaxant

For nervous tension in children particularly when combined with Chamomile, Skullcap and Passion Flower. For irritability resulting from indigestion and colic, It combines well with Kumarahou and Chamomile.



Skullcap helps with agitation, hysteria, nervous irritation of the central nervous system (cerebrospinal). It combines well with Passion Flower and Chamomile for children that have sleep disorders.



Arnica is used for sleepless and restless children and when over tired, bad dreams and nightmares.



Belladonna is great for children that are restless, crying out in their sleep and gritting their teeth.



Apis is for those children that find it hard to relax, and have busy, over active mind.



Pulsatilla is great for children that are restless and wake up feeling unrefreshed, feel sleepy in the afternoon and tend to sleep with their hands over their head.



A component of citrus fruits

Limonene is used to boost your metabolism, relieves heartburn, and reduce stress and anxiety allowing you to get to sleep faster.


Clary Sage Oil

Eases tension and muscle cramps along with a seductive effect, and can be very effective in controlling cortisol levels in women to support sleep.



Component of Ho Wood Oil

Camphor is a "peaceful" oil. It is calming and is a good choice when needing to relax or unwind. This particular property works well for dealing with health conditions related to improper circulation, digestion of food, and helping the body to regulate metabolism for better sleeping patterns.


Bornyl Acetate

Component of Douglas-Fir

Bornyl Acetate is known to have anti inflammatory and sedative properties.


Linalyl Acetate, Geranol & Linalool

Components of Lavender

Calms down your body and mind and helps you sleep. It has also been linked to lower levels of stress, a frequent cause of sleeplessness and pain, another reason people toss and turn.


Coumarin & Cinnamol

Components of Cinnamon

Can help you fall asleep at night. It will help your body relax and alleviate your stress. It will also take care of your body's digestion and help you achieve a restful sleep.



Component of eucalyptus oil

Helps promote feelings of relaxation, preparing you for a better night's sleep. It can be used to help balance sleep patterns and overall mental functioning.



Component of vetiver oil

It helps reduce nervous disorders, while acting as a sedative. It sedates nervous irritations, and emotional outbursts such as anger, anxiety, restlessness and nervousness.



Beta Pinene & Alpha Pinene

Are Bronchodilator (helps improve airflow to lungs) to sleep through the night.



Component of caraway seed

Acts as a relaxant to help relieve from stress and emotional exhaustion.



Component of patchouli oil

Known to fight depression, boosts immune system, enhances mood, stimulates hormones to get better sleep.



Component of Clove Oil

 A great remedy for warding off mental fatigue, acts as a sedative and is used as a stress buster to offering a sound sleep.



Anise Alcohol

Component of sweet cumin

Its known to provide relief for pain and help endorse sleep, to treat insomnia.